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Bio-X Shield Spray (Insect Repellent + Disinfectant + Deodorizer)


Bio‐X is the only product available in the market that is multi‐function, water‐based, non‐poisonousand “green” solution against insects, fungus, germs, bad odor and is ovicidal and larvicidal. It is alsoan insect repellent and plant‐growth enhancer. Bio‐X solution is a combination of bio‐degradableinsecticide chemical called Etofenprox with herbal & organic extracts that give Bio‐X it’smulti‐functional and “green” properties. Made in Singapore. 

    • 100% natural formulation containing only botanical extracts & purified water
    • Alcohol free
    • Disinfectant - effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi
    • Deodorizer - effectively removes source of odor causing agent without
    • masking the environment with artificial fragrance
    • Insect control agent - repellency, antifeedant, insect growth regulation effects,
    • ovicidal & larvicidal
    • Long lasting residual protection
    • Does not harm & irritates mammals & birds
    • Does not stain fabrics

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